Sunday, May 5, 2013

"The Earth shook in the afternoon sun. Hundreds of pedestrians flocked down to the beach. Children lined the shore looking out to sea, hopping and cheering with anticipation as the rumbling intensified. I stood in the sand among the masses of impatient people, completely oblivious as to what was happening. Cameras were popping out of pockets, an elderly painter sat on the bank with his brush at the ready, and the hot dog vendors turned from their customers as the waters began to violently swell.

Within seconds, a gargantuan tidal wave rose from the edge of the shore just metres from the crowd. The children threw their hands in the air with cheer, jumping and screaming with excitement. The roaring wave climbed and climbed into the sky, blocking out the sun and engulfing the beach in shade. At the height of its growth, the immense wall of water seemed to suspend its self from falling - the waters swelled and billowed up the inside of the arch as everyone watched in astonishment.

The flood of children ran towards the wave. Flashes went off everywhere. The children leapt from the sand and landed on the surface of the water, sprinting up the inside of the arch towards the sky as though gravity was no object. Higher and higher they went without falling. The painter dabbled like mad. A minute later, I watched the children reach the top of the wave in the clouds, until finally, they began to jump off into the sky, falling slowly and gracefully back to Earth." 

- description for Prop My Sky by Pogo

I don't really have anything to add to this. I hope this new week finds you in good spirits and ready for more adventures and even more glorious weather.

{last photo by Cass Bird for Urban Outfitters, January 2012 /// all other photos via tumblr}

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  1. Brilliant! Have an amazing week too, darling. xoxo