Monday, February 10, 2014

It's no surprise that I've got a mild case of the winter blues. So I dug up some summer photos and a little something I wrote one night on the boat during a hot August night - 

the aftermath of a melted gold sunset is calm
the night birds and cicadas are deafening and wonderful
the moon is almost full, hovering over the lake and all its inhabitants like a protective time stopper
the lights twinkle from the boats circling around the lake as the sky grows darker and the warm lights from each house 
reflects off the lake's constant, rippling surface
some stupid country song drifts from the neighbor's porch mingling with the smell of food being grilled
that's the beautiful thing about summer - you lose track of time and sometimes eat dinner at 9:30
and another thing about summer - even when those tacky country songs are playing it's still somehow full of summer comfort 
as it blends with the familiar summer sounds
and the low talking and outbursts of laughter pouring from the gazebo is a comfort
and inside the house the old ones are watching TCM while the young ones watch Cartoon Network
but on the outside it's all inviting, glowing warmth through the familiar doors
and above me i see the unchanging, unwavering star
all of this is somehow balmy and comforting because it's full of the constancy of summer


[Photos by me / summer 2013]

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Having friends that you love to be with who are ready to adventure and run wild, day or night, is unbeatable. Together we do spontaneous nothingness but it's magic because the music is loud and our spirits are high. 
Cold winter nights are suddenly extraordinary and full of good vibes when you've got friends that light up your world. 


[All photos by me]