Tuesday, July 29, 2014

"To me, July is the golden pollen drenched air, wildflowers and green forest jungles growing over the hot roads, feet dirtied from too much/never enough skating, shirts crumpled on the asphalt, sweat sweetly shining on the brow. Summer has taught me how to embrace the thrill of the night surrounded by friends, running up the sand dune jumping, rolling, tackling each other all the way down drenched in humid sweat; how to crouch low as the headlights on the country road pass before we all fly under the barrier and across the street like bandits, seeking only to feel the pulse of summer; how to lightly, with one swift motion, hop fences, landing softly on the turf of the football field, everything hushed, the sound of a thousand deafening cheers, tackles and whistles of high school capsuled in the metallic echoed bleachers."
-TEEN SPIRITS NEVER DIE, Rachel Bushong / July 2014


Saturday, July 26, 2014

"And I told them things they'd never heard. The buffalo, I told them. The bison. It was worth it. I don't care. I was in a pure fever and I was alive. It doesn't matter if being so alive kills a man; it's better to have the quick fever every time."
-Ray Bradbury, Dandelion Wine

"The unused fireworks from 4th of July exploding into the deep blue night weeks after hold more power than I can express. The earth stalls to a slow, dreamy cycle when fireworks erupt, causing the faces to burn with pink and blue as I remember everything and nothing. The midsummer blues is different than any other blues because it makes me nostalgic for something I have right in front of me, it drives me to fully drink from summer's cup because I'm scared nothing will be as precious as this. I'm scared my heart won't feel like it's full to bursting after the sun no longer burns hot and endless, when my friends and I no longer drip from sweat after skating for hours, when the earth no longer grows green and exotic like the tropics. I'm terrified I won't feel as full of life after summer's gone. But I've learned that if you shake off the burdens, if you run and dance like a wild Indian, if you love fully, letting it show in everything you do, if you always look at the sunset and the stars and the moon, if you let your heart slow and almost stop as you admire the people and places you love most in this world, and all of this with no inhibitions, then surely summer will be eternal."
-WE CAN'T LET SUMMER DIE, Rachel Bushong /  July 26, 2014


Thursday, July 24, 2014

4th of July weekend.

Friday the 4th before heading to the lake:
"There is nothing like coming home from work to an empty house, my yard still and growing cool after sunset, fireflies hovering low while a 4th of July firework battle rages in the distance across the state and the entire country, Mac Demarco and the Rolling Stones moving through my summer dusk filled house."

Driving down the empty country road, everyone at their own fireworks show, I came to a stop as That's The Way by Zeppelin played from my car's speakers. Fireworks and fireflies exploded close, far, miles away all across the horizon and my heart stood still.


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

"Get outside and let the earth, which you came from and which you will someday fade into, dirty your body and soul with its burning sun, emerald leaves, wild berries, dry bark, forest soil cool from the rain underfoot, pure sparkling cobalt lakewater, hot breeze blowing on your face, dusty dirt on your hands and feet. The world can be yours in the summer."
-poem by me, July 2014