Tuesday, July 29, 2014

"To me, July is the golden pollen drenched air, wildflowers and green forest jungles growing over the hot roads, feet dirtied from too much/never enough skating, shirts crumpled on the asphalt, sweat sweetly shining on the brow. Summer has taught me how to embrace the thrill of the night surrounded by friends, running up the sand dune jumping, rolling, tackling each other all the way down drenched in humid sweat; how to crouch low as the headlights on the country road pass before we all fly under the barrier and across the street like bandits, seeking only to feel the pulse of summer; how to lightly, with one swift motion, hop fences, landing softly on the turf of the football field, everything hushed, the sound of a thousand deafening cheers, tackles and whistles of high school capsuled in the metallic echoed bleachers."
-TEEN SPIRITS NEVER DIE, Rachel Bushong / July 2014


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