Sunday, August 31, 2014

"Some call this night hot, humid, and unbearable. But I call it enticing, sultry, slumberous. It speaks of rain forest jungles where even at night without the sun a golden dusty mists emits from the rich forest. It speaks of far islands where coconuts and papayas grow like wildflowers and you come in from the ocean salted, tanned like an Indian, soaked, dripping with the pulp of life. But it also speaks of nights in the suburbs, or downtown, beneath the halo glow of the streetlights, the earth overgrown from summer and everyone and everything catching my eye."
-LET SUMMER LIVE IN YOUR VEINS FOREVER, Rachel Bushong / August 2014

Most of these photos were taken my last week of summer the night my friends and I went to see Boyhood which inexplicably stirred my soul.


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