Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The night of my open house was magic and best of all everyone felt it. Surrounded by the people I love most in this world, I realized that they live and breathe in my veins, that's how personal and perfect God has made it. I received some of the most heart warming and sincere hugs in my life that night. At dusk we brought out the sparklers. Hundreds of them. Ya Hey was playing and it smelled like the 4th of July. We were dancing and screaming and feeling young with the sparklers glow setting our faces aflame when for the first time it felt very real. I'm done with high school. I can move to California. Or Hawaii. I can live on the road. I can do it all.
As a whole, the entire night filled me with immense gratitude towards God because I realized that these people love and understand me sometimes more than I could love or understand myself. And He put them there as a reminder of how He, to an immeasurable degree, has done the same for me. That alone is soul shaking.


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