Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Recently I've been listening to Tame Impala continually, sketching with charcoal nightly, reading Never Let Me Go, and totally digging the weekends when I get to spend time with those I love. There's also a hope inside of me in anticipation of warm weather. With me, I love Winter because it gives me a good chance to re-cooperate and notice what I really love in life. But also, while Winter is wonderful for being with friends at coffee shops, watching movies, listening to music etc. etc. etc. summertime is made for time with friends. You could be outside all night long looking at the stars together if you wanted to. 

But for now, I do what I can to make this Winter exceptionally fine. I hope yours has been wonderful thus far.

P.S.- Scott Schuman photographs the best portraits that you'll ever see.

{second photo taken during the filming of the Breakfast Club, 1984 /// last photo taken by Scott Schuman}

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  1. What a lovely little space...I want a loft of my own to climb into and cuddle up to a nice read!

    If only!!