Friday, February 8, 2013

Listen to James Blake new track RETROGRADE from his new album Overgrown, out 4/08. 

Beautiful, wonderful James Blake is back and that's all I needed this week. This song fills me with a wonderful anticipation of what glorious music is to be had from the rest of the album.

So I've been reading On the Road. I started it way back during the eternal hot summer that should have never ended but never finished the book. Picking it back up again, I find I love it in a different way then before. Now it drives me in an undiscovered course to go and do what it is I love. Now when I save money, I save it for traveling. 

Also, I hope you've been enjoying the snow. It really is quite beautiful.

{second and last photo taken by me}


  1. I'm loving the blurry effect of the photo. You've taken a great one! :)

  2. That last photo is incredible. It gives such an awesome vibe. Have a beautiful start to the week, lovely.