Wednesday, February 27, 2013

"It was a day as perfect as the flame of a candle. Douglas walked through it thinking it would on this way forever. The perfection, the roundness, the grass smell traveled on out ahead as far and fast as the speed of light...all of it was complete, everything could be touched, things stayed near, things were at hand and would remain."

"There were some days compounded completely of odor, nothing but the world blowing in one nostril and out the other. And some days, he went on, were days of hearing every trump and trill of the universe. Some days were good for tasting and some for touching. And some were good for all the senses at once."

-Ray Bradbury, Dandelion Wine 

As I was looking through photos from last summer, I was thinking about Dandelion Wine, the epitomized summer, and also the ease of everything and everyone that naturally comes with summer. I do love Winter, but in the summer things loosen up and the world comes alive to welcome those perfect golden days. And while the winter blues might be getting us all down in the dumps, this song will give you hope for the magic days to come. 

{all photos taken by me, summer 2012}

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