Saturday, November 17, 2012

So. Halloween came and went out with a bang of an all night party, and Fall flew away too. The only visible leftovers are tangled fake spider webs, cut out bats, and sacred candy hidden in jars and trick-or-treat bags. And even though my friends and I felt like bums the day after our Halloween party, at least we were still together being bums, just playing video games and going out for food. Now when my friends and I are together it's just coffee, drives and movies. I like it that way though. 

The cold, bitter weather is here. I've pulled out my favorite Christmas music and slowly my room is evolving into a glittery, velvety, warm haven for these two glorious holiday months. 

Also, I can't get enough of  Fleetwood Mac. It'll make you feel fine. 

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