Friday, May 18, 2012

// year of the tiger //

Annie Clark performed right in front of me, just for me, and it was everything I needed. The whole night was so incredibly dreamy and surreal as Annie flawlessly shredded on her guitar and sang so beautifully your heart practically stopped right then and there. 
Champagne Year just took my breath away, Year of the Tiger was such hardcore perfection, and Annie became my hero during Surgeon. But I don't think you can get any more punk rock and perfect than moshing with Annie during Krokodil, screaming the lyrics with the whole crowd, and afterwards chanting her name for an encore. Annie has left a huge imprint on my life. 


{images mine excluding album covers}

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  1. Love St. Vincent's perfect mood music! I haven't seen her live yet, but I will definitely have to catch her the next time she's here.