Friday, March 2, 2012

// take a simple idea and take it seriously //

"On top of every mountain there was a great longing for another even higher mountain."
-Dirty Projectors

"I looked for the large in the small, the macro in the micro, the figure in the carpet, and if some big truths passed by, I hope some significant small ones got caught."
-Adam Gopnik

On Wednesday I had my very first taste of Summer for this year. The sky was brilliantly blue and the sun dazzling. And the very best way to soak it all in was to drive with the windows down listening to Jonsi as loud as my car stereo could handle. I had missed the wind blown hair and the sun on my face. 
These days have been perfect. The weekends are filled with dancing with superb friends, staying up until all hours listening to flawless music, and sharing the most inspiring and valuable conversations that energize you for the new week. I adore the week when I spend time confined in my room with nothing but killer music, books, and my Moleskin journals.
I honestly cannot wait to see all that March holds. February was infallibly a month of growth, not just artistically and creatively but also in my relationships with others. But that seems to be the case for every month, just more and more as each month rolls round. That seems to be a satisfying assurance though.

 // Continually dreaming of Paris.
Someday this will be me in New York City.
Always effortless and flawless.
Unavoidably timeless piece.
Vampire Weekend is headlining at Pitchfork. And yes, I will die when I see them.
Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication. 

Cheers to the weekend, kids! I hope yours is as marvelous as I believe mine is going to be. 


{photo credit: mine}

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  1. I am so ready for spring and it seems that you are having tons of fun, sweetie. Muah