Friday, February 17, 2012

// a craving for knowledge //

"As soon as a true thought has entered our mind, it gives a light which makes us see a crowd of other objects which we have never perceived before."
-Francois-Rene de Chateaubriand
"Minimalism is not a style, it is an attitude, a way of being. Its a fundamental reaction against noise, visual noise, disorder, vulgarity. Minimalism is the pursuit of the essence of things, not the appearance."
-Massimo Vingelli

This has been one of those weeks full of beautiful revelations and epiphanies. All I desire right now is to read all the books I can get my hands on, watch all the documentaries that appeal to me, talk to the inspirational people around me, and spend time with myself sketching and enveloping myself with excelling quotes. A source of happiness this week has been the brilliant fashion week streetstyle and flawless new designs. I hope beyond all hope that someday I will be a part of the presentation of those immaculate designs, living in my wondrous apartment right in the heart of New York City, the city of all perfect cities. 

Cheers to the weekend, darlings! I do hope yours is lovely and full of brilliant adventures. I have the pleasure of visiting Chicago this weekend and I reminded how much bliss big cities bring to me. 

Tuney Potter


  1. I'm so glad your week was full of beauty..It's so lovely that you found happiness in such simple things.
    Stay happy, and lovely dear.


  2. chicago is one o my favorite cities-hope you had a nice time!

  3. I hope you are having a lovely weekend!


  4. do you have any documentary recommendations? it's a good feeling to have learning poured into you. hopefully chicago was full of that :)