Thursday, December 15, 2011

***busy sidewalks, dressed in holiday style***

You find me in a beautiful whirlwind of Christmas shopping, enjoying that excitement of Christmas parcels arriving by post, loving leisurely breakfasts sitting by the fire reading F. Scott Fitzgerald with only enough appetite for coffee, attending festive parties on the weekends, and enjoying the rare long nights in my twinkling house listening to Bing Crosby. 
All year I look forward to wonderful Winter and Christmastime: the only time of year when I can wear black tights and velvet skirts and sequin tops and not one person will think indifferently about it. It's the only time of year when nighttime is so cherished to watch lovely Christmas films or paint pictures by the tree or enjoy reading on your twinkle-lit bed as I do. The only time of year when sitting by the fire sipping cocoa with friends seems the most ideal thing to do and certainly the only time when going out to dinner seems ever so classy.  
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This time of year completely enchants me with so much rush to get things around, parties to attend, and friends and family to spend time with, but still having those rare moments to sit at my desk listening to Christmas music while journaling or painting and always reminiscing and musing of loveliness and how perfect this year has been.
The blessings and experiences of this year are innumerable. 

Wishing you a magical week leading up to perfect Christmas Day! 
Tuney Potter

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