Wednesday, October 12, 2011

October gave a party, the leaves by hundreds came...

Oh, Autumn, how I adore you. 
My week was perfect with evenings reading Order of the Phoenix in my woods, eating delicious soups my mum made, and making my room cosy and warm with Autumnal decorations. And as for my weekend? Just as perfect. Bonfires with brilliant friends in my family's woods, Autumn festivals, and breathtaking Harvest moons. 

Coffee in the morning, Weasley sweaters at night, golden leaves falling in a slow motion rain, and the trees slowly one by one becoming bare. 
Saturday I journaled on a wool tartan blanket on a bed of fallen leaves in my woods. It was an utterly blissful experience. The words flowed easily and I made a list of things I love about Autumn, one of which was:
these crisp, exciting weekends. I don't know why, but there's something so perfect about them when you have  beautiful adventures among the golden scenery. 

Autumn is a much too swift season, in my opinion. But, I suppose, that makes you appreciate and relish it even more.

Forever yours, 
Tuney Potter 

P.S.-Currently loving Alexa Chung, Kim NoordaScotch&Soda's beautiful clothes, late night inspiration, and St. Vincent's beautiful new album.
10 days until I'm bound for beautiful New York City for a whole glorious week. Beyond perfect in my mind!


  1. lovely post! you have a beautiful writing style.

  2. Your outfit in the mustard pants is just perfection for this kind of day.

  3. What a wonderful post! Gorgeous photography as always...your fashion is simply fantastic! I love too love your mustard pants and button down top~ fabulous fall fashion!


  4. Oh my amazing are those photos and I love your mustard colour pants:) Hugs and kisses.