Monday, October 17, 2011

[5 days]

5 days and I will be boarding the plane in a dreamlike state, dressed in my classiest clothes, with excitement mounting to arrive in New York City. The city of all cities. The city one only dreams about and reads about in VOGUE. How perfect and surreal that I'm going. 
I cannot wait to run around the streets and go to divine restaurants and ride bikes through Soho and Greenwich Village and have a breakfast at Tiffany's and shop at Chanel and Marc Jacobs and buy a snowglobe of the skyline and view the city at night from the Empire State where it will look like a galaxy in itself. 

Hope your week is wonderful, darlings!
♥Dreaming of New York City♥
Tuney Potter

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  1. Oh you are so lucky! Hope you'll have a nice time there :)