Sunday, September 11, 2011


Listening to this, continually inspired by this beautiful blog, dying to see this perfect film again, and loving this beautiful video that is so mesmerizing. 
Autumn has arrived in its glorious and always unexpected arrival. It seems I always forget how much I simply adore Autumn because you're too caught up in the perfection of Summer. And then Autumn comes and you pull on sweaters and thrifted ankle boots and skinny jeans and you remember how divine the season is.
I love the cool winds, the crisp air, the leaves slowly turning golden, coffee in the morning, and early evenings coming into my house with wind-blown hair and rosy cheeks with aromatic soup wafting from the kitchen and Frank Sinatra playing from the living room. 

Dreaming of New York. I'll be going next month and it will be like a dream. ♥

With lots of love,
xxx Tuney Potter xxx

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  1. Beautiful photos as always, Darling! I simply adore your blog! I cannot wait to hear about you wonderful trip :)

    Cheers to summer~