Wednesday, August 31, 2011

{Summer skin}

Listening to this, adoring these photos from the brilliant Band of Outsiders shoot where Tom+Rupert, of course, are looking spectacular (Kirsten Dunst also did a divine shoot for them in the Spring), and falling in love with Steven Alan's Fall Lookbook.
Though it is still in the heart of Summer I sense a change in the air. The perfectly rich, lush trees are turning faintly and slowly yellow, the air feels crisper, and I am feeling that anticipation and excitement that always comes just before Autumn arrives. 
{My unbiological twin and I}
I have had the sweetest Summer imaginable. It truly has been bliss. On days when I have nothing to do but bask in Summer's glory I have a sort of cycle. The mornings I spend in my pyjamas until noon (oh the beauty of being fifteen without a care in the world!) drinking fresh coffee and reading on the porch, the afternoons pass with reading inspiring magazines in the sunshine and painting watercolours (which is so therapeutic for me), when the late afternoon/evening comes round I take the most divine walks through my family's magical woods and always read or watch the sun set until it gets dark and the first star peeks out. 
I go back to school next Tuesday and, though I don't ever want this perfect Summer to end, I am oddly excited for those crisp days doing my school outside (my mum schools me) wearing sweaters and corduroys, and most exciting of all:
taking astronomy! How wonderful is that!? Well, for me at least it is. For astronomy has always drawn me in...I look at the galaxies late at night with my mum and am in complete awe and want to know more. 
Sunday+Monday I shall be staying at my grandma's perfect lake house that pulls my heartstrings with a nostalgic blissful feeling every time I set eyes on the navy siding and white gingerbread trimming. Cousins will be there and we shall boat and swim and soak up the last Summer days at the lake. 
Summer drawing to a close makes me a little sentimental, I will admit. But I am beyond excited for Autumn and, surprisingly, Winter.
Change is...well, it's change...but I love it in this odd sort of way. I love the unknown. What the seasons will bring, what new memories, fresh ideas, and travels.
And speaking of travels, 
I'm ecstatic for New York and think about it all the time, even what outfits I'll wear while strolling through Saks Fifth Avenue and the Plaza Hotel. 
 Summer is the pink of perfection♥
The Lake District will be perfect♥
The next time I'll be posting, I'll have started school and welcomed and embraced Autumn. 
So, cheers darling!
And farewell, Summer. You were beyond perfect and all I hoped for and more.
~"And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the Summer."

Tuney Potter


  1. very nice post your pictures ...

  2. Another beautiful post! The photos are whimsical and enchanting. I cannot wait for the cooler weather! Good luck with your studies!


  3. fun photos, I work in the park often