Wednesday, January 21, 2015

On Christmas day, no matter what, we still have so much to say to each other even till 1 AM. And at the end of the day, half of my family was dancing in my grandma's tiny living room to Uptown Funk while the other were scattered about the crammed house playing board games. And at 9 PM the leftovers were reheated, everyone loud, boisterous, glowing, in slippers and pajamas. And at 10 PM all of the cousins were braiding each other's hair. And at 12 AM It's A Wonderful Life added to the glow of the night. Somehow at 1 AM I was making hot chocolate for my cousins. By 2 AM even Zeke, the wild one, was curled beside the tree beneath one of grandma's tattered quilts. We were at peace that night.


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