Friday, December 12, 2014

Of course I scarcely remember the rest of the day, except that we all raked leaves together making up our own lyrics for rap songs, and Stevo showed off his new motorcycle. Then there was a moment when Cat was rushing around the kitchen working her magic cooking curry, careless about the mess; and curly-haired siblings were running around, and baby Gwyneth was crawling on all the furniture. There was this cacophony that occurs in houses with so many kids and amid this Stevo was hunched over the piano playing Skating from Charlie Brown. He was oblivious to the rest of us. This music brought a warmth to the chaos. And I remember how Cassie and I glanced quickly at each other in that overflowing smile while Stevo played those heart stopping arpeggios. It was magic the way both Cat and Stevie were so fixated on their endeavors. This fervor spilled over everything, if only for a moment.

-the pure, quick fever of humans / r.h.b. / nov 2014

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