Saturday, November 8, 2014

"This is the part of the city that feels larger than yourself." - Erika, 5th Ave/Times Square

"I smell bad cigarettes." "Oh...thats us" - after midnight in the hot deserted subway stations

"That Saturday night in Times Square the three of us were burning fast, fast, fast like our bummed cigarettes - lighter ignited into small sacred fire, illuminating your face in a flash, deep inhale and - burn, burn, burn again and again while the city wailed and the world of people pressed around us. But on the corner of the pavement it was just us, surrounded by thousands, glowing from the lights seen high in space, burning, burning, burning - our souls intoxicated by this beautiful wasteland, sparked into life."
-UNSENTIMENTAL SPELLS / r.h.b. / November 2014

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