Tuesday, November 25, 2014

It's been hard to be fully conscious of the months they move so fast. But I love everything and everyone and this time of year is doing me good.

"Don't break the spell of songs on repeat
faded tangled bedspread
pastels strewn across the sheets
everything easing back into place
and there's a part of me that wished I had a cigarette
but deep, pure breaths are enough."

- breathe in the air / r.h.b. / nov 2014

"The woozy warmth from the space heater and the blue glow from my laptop in the corner wash the day away from my stretched mind. 
And I'm learning to accept the mess. I embrace the piles of pictures, discarded pens, and empty American Spirit packs. 
These messes are faded and worn like my stock of nostalgia. The messes keep me grounded."

- let them warm you / r.h.b. / nov 2014

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