Thursday, March 13, 2014

I love this time of year when the snow begins to melt.
Driving along the familiar back country roads with MGMT blaring,
my window was down, my hand numb from the cold, my eyes
sneaking glances of the stars. You know spring and the infinite
golden summer are coming because, despite the cold, the truly youthful
have all got their heat cranked and their windows all the way down -
eager for the magic, restless in our shoes. 
- poem by me, February 2014 
 This weekend filled my heart to the brim. My favorite part was when the sacred sun warmed my face as I drove around with friends listening to Open by Rhye and it was totally magic.

[photos by me / group photo by elly]

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  1. the top picture looks like a band photo, i love your blog!
    greetings from bloody englanddd.

    love, rebecca