Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The night before the first holiday of this magic season is great. No matter what you do, it feels special and extraordinary because everything is so mellow and everyone is together. Even the cheezy TV specials and the Macy's Day Parade are spectacular. It has come to my attention that the anticipation of the holidays can be better than the holidays themselves. It's the day before Thanksgiving and I'm entirely full of that warm cozy feeling that only this time of year can bring. I'm also ridiculously sentimental listening to Christmas music and thinking about everything good and I want to give everyone I love a massive hug and yes, like I said, I'm sentimental and I hope you are too because it can be a beautiful thing. 


[All photos by me.]

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  1. I've started so early this year, just as a comfort when writing my thesis, to listen to holiday songs. I quite agree with you that the anticipation almost is better than the holiday itself. It wasn't like that back in the days when my father was still alive I feel... Your photos are gorgeous!