Thursday, September 5, 2013

"June dawns, July noons, August evenings over, finished, done and gone forever with only the sense of it all left here in his head. Now, a whole autumn, a white winter, a cool and greening spring to figure sums and totals of summer past. And if he should forget, the dandelion wine stood in the cellar, numbered huge for each and every day. He would go there often, stare straight into the sun until he could stare no more, then close his eyes and consider the burned spots, the fleeting scars left dancing on his warm eyelids; arranging, rearranging each fire and reflection until the pattern was clear..." 
- Dandelion Wine, Ray Bradbury

The air is growing cooler, the once vibrant green earth is becoming tinged with gold, and I am excited for the books to be read, the art to be made, and the good times to be had with friends. This fresh start that Autumn brings is intoxicating. 


[All photos taken by me.]


  1. All of your photos are so beautiful! I'm amazed.