Friday, April 12, 2013

So. A few things in my life lately. 

1. The earth is starting to blossom life and in my heart I feel a strong urge to drop all my cash, travel to New York, and relish the beauty of that magical city in springtime. 

2. James Blake's album Overgrown was released on Tuesday and I've been listening to that, and only that, every since. In particular, the track Life Round Here is all I want to listen to. 

3. Romeo and Juliet has slowly become my favorite movie. The way Luhrmann tells a story is particularly captivating in the way he uses visuals - colors, costume, landscapes - and also his use of modern music. Oh, the music. And Leo. That's all enough for me to love it.

4. I'm ready for summer. But most of all I'm ready for festivals. 

5. Daft Punk IS mah jam. 

Cheers to the weekend, kids! x

[1st photo of James Blake in the studio /// gif from Romeo & Juliet /// all other photos via tumblr]

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