Friday, December 7, 2012

Visiting the city just after Thanksgiving set all of my senses into a frenzy of energy. My eyes were sort of reopened to what I love and what dreams I wish to attain in my life. There's a certain firm purpose that envelops a city. When you're walking down those streets with the cold air all around, the lights glowing from the windows high and low, and the crowds pushing, one can't help but feel a fervor for life come over you.
Coming home, the pink sunsets outside and the twinkle lights in my room spoke to me in a refreshing way that has inspired me to sketch and record any ideas that come. 

{3rd image from bande a` part, 4th image via tumblr, all other photos taken by me}

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  1. Seemed like it was a good day. I love walking around a city with nothing but gratefulness for life and the strangers living together with you. May you have more days like this :)