Tuesday, November 6, 2012

"I exaggerate my childhood but I swear I was brought up under the roller coasters of the Coney Island section in Brooklyn. Maybe that accounts for my personality which is a little nervous, I think. You know, I have a hyperactive imagination and I have some trouble distinguishing between fantasy and reality."
-Alvy Singer, Annie Hall

Annie Hall is a gem of a film. Woody Allen is a gem of a person. I love his stuff. Any of his films I'll eat right up. Each film brings out this certain side art and life merged together with humor as the core that I really dig a lot. I was also Annie Hall at one of the Halloween parties that I attended which felt really good. I have this thing for Diane Keaton that blossomed over the summer. She's such a real lady but still has that Woody Allen don't-mean-to-sound-didactic air about her. I dig it. I dig her and Woody a whole lot. Woody's films make me want to jump on a plane and move to New York City. And fast.

{photos by me, screenshots from Annie Hall}


  1. I haven't watched Annie Hall! Maybe I should download it now. Thanks for this! :)

  2. I totally agree!!! Both are amazing:) Kisses, sweetie.