Wednesday, October 17, 2012

So Many Details

Most importantly in my life right now: the one and only Toro y Moi has released a new track, So Many Details, from his upcoming album Anything in Return!!! Yeah!!! Judging from this song, the new album will have good, chill, positive vibes intermingled with heart wrenching beats that melt your face off, all pulled off in that way that Chazwick Bundick does so well. 

But guess what?! The leaves are blowing away day by day! I find it enchanting the way the leaves turn golden, blow away in a flurry and leave me feeling a tad bit forlorn. It is a bittersweet feeling since I know the last of summer has left until next year. But for now, I'm finding comfort in music that elates the senses, delicious food, exhilarating friends, and most importantly THE NEW TORO Y MOI TRACK!

{photos by me}

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  1. these are beautiful photos, and... autumn is the best because of the leaves.