Tuesday, September 25, 2012

/// When the Ship Comes In

At one point or another I was dumbfounded by the way I could tell you what time of year a picture was taken judging by the way the light hit the subjects and the atmosphere. However, it suddenly hit me the other day that it makes perfect sense because when a new season comes around the temperature changes and therefore the clouds take different forms and reflect different colors. 
During autumn the clouds take on a purple filter and it shows on everything. I guess what I'm trying to say is, I'm fascinated at the way we, as humans, so quickly embrace the oncoming seasons. We're forced to. It's in the very air you breathe. Autumn is on the sunshine warming your clothes. I love it. I love how suddenly you embrace the easing transition. Or rather how suddenly it embraces you. 

For now, all I could ever want is Bob Dylan, my Sartorialist book, Flying Lotus, and my wonderful friends on the weekend.

{photos by me}


  1. That is such a great point and I love the autumn light:) Muah

  2. Pretty photos! I love the lighting in every photo <3