Friday, September 14, 2012

/// Shivers

 Sometimes I think life really couldn't get any better and that I have the best people in my life and nothing could top it. Then the weather gets cool and I feel inexpressibly free and I get the shivers at night, the shivers that shake my bones and gets me thinking. And the only thing that satisfies me is the act of creating and talking and getting my fill on coffee. I love how I can see my breath right in front of me in the cool night air, so real and tangible forming words and laughter, and how I can run around in the sunshine and the clear night wearing layers of fall goodness. 

{all photos taken by me}

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  1. Enjoyed this post, Rachel. And Fall Shivers put us in the mood for S'mores. We're already 2x weeks into S'mores Season at the House of Schrock (I've lost track of how many have been eaten total), but many more weeks to go before the cold, damp chill drives us in-doors.