Tuesday, July 24, 2012


The weekend at Pitchfork was the best weekend of my life. Easily. No questions asked. I felt so much love for everyone around me, I was reminded why I have passion for what I do, there was a sense of community as you were in the crowds of people all there enjoying and loving the experience. And that's really what made everything so beautiful- the experience. You listen to certain songs and albums and each moves you in a certain way, but seeing them live is unreal as the music is in the air, the people, the breeze, it's just all around you. 
There was something so right about the sun beating on your back, going back to get free Kefir all day, looking through old records, watching Grimes at dusk, Beach House at sunset, Sleigh Bells in the heart of the afternoon, and Vampire Weekend as the stars came out, and all of it experienced with my bro's. 
I swear though, during Sleigh Bell's set we.were.infinite. 


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