Monday, June 4, 2012


I dunno, it's funny but every single day of summer is wondrous. It's everything you want. Whether it be nighttime Steak-n-Shake runs, swimming for hours listening to Surfer Blood, spending the afternoon listening to Kanye and painting palm trees, or laying in the sun on the boat at sunset listening to Beach House's Bloom. 
The summer mentality has overtaken me. I feel at my leisure, easygoing, yet filled with an indescribable ambition. Everything seems so attainable during summer. The only valid thing in my mind is summer and summer alone and soaking up every last sun drenched, Surfer Blood, cropped Hawaiian shirt filled minute of it. 
I believe going to Chicago this week with my bro's will give me a certain energy.



  1. I love how light and inspirational your posts are especially regarding summer. I may be going to Chicago in a few months and can't wait too. It's all that Vitamin D that lifts our spirits, maybe? :) I love listening to Bombay Bicycle Club right now - makes the sun that much more beautiful!

    Cathy Trails

  2. Great pictures, they really warm me up to summer :)