Wednesday, April 18, 2012

// time to get gnarly //

Today I turned sixteen. I believe I've been waiting for this age all along. It seems to be a time for everything to come together and also a time to adventure. Maybe I just feel like I'm at a high point and ready for something ravishingly beautiful and exciting to happen. Regardless turning sixteen makes me officially feel like an 80's teen. 
And today in celebration I bought so many west coast clothes, rode on my skateboard till the stars came out with DOM and Surfer Blood blaring in my headphones, ate a perfect cake, and watched Sixteen Candles. 
Yes please. 


{photos via Tumblr}


  1. Happy birthday! Can't go wrong with Sixteen Candles. ;)

  2. happy {belated} birthday to you! hope it was nothing short of perfect :-)