Sunday, March 11, 2012

// perfectly imperfect //

My week was superb filled with a perfectly shabby bookstore where I scored two books, using my 80's backpack instead of a purse, endless cups of coffee, a drive one sunny evening cranking up Theophilus and Crystal Castles, a divine dinner gathering with heavenly food, thrifting with Erika all afternoon, planning to order tickets for Vampire Weekend as they headline at Pitchfork (yes. I will in fact die.), and painting, sketching, journaling and feeling inspired until the very early morning hours, as always. 
I've also been listening to Washed Out, Beach House's latest song Myth (freaking out at the news of a new album from them in time for Summer), along with some Hall&Oates Bird and the Bee style. 
Oh, and let's not forget about the excellence of Penny Stock's Spring lookbook

Cheers to the new week, kids! I hope yours is groovy. 

{photo credit: mine}


  1. One of my very favorite things is a great messy book store. When I was living in North Carolina I found a great one with used books stacked to the ceiling... I was obsessed! Excellent pictures :))

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  2. All that goodness in one week? You've got some serious hip factor going on. I can tell.