Wednesday, February 8, 2012

// inspired days //

"Every day I discover more and more beautiful things. It's enough to drive one mad. I have such a desire to do everything my head is bursting with it."
-Claude Monet
I love new weeks, and every single one seems to bring a beautiful quantity of new inspiration and perspectives. These past days I've been listening to the newly found (for me) Tennis. Their new album is absolute perfection and I die being reminded of Summer's bliss. I will certainly be purchasing the Satorialist's new book to be released this September. And can we please just talk about the beauty of Kinfolk's stunningly welcoming first dinner in Portland? I'd like every one of my weekends to look like that.
Last Friday my sister, brilliant friend, and I went the the most glorious old book store that was crammed with floor to ceiling bookshelves crammed full to the point of bursting with beautifully smelling books. I completely stocked up. And yes, there was even a sliding ladder like the candy man in Willy Wonka. It was magic.
 I don't think I've ever voiced how blogging makes me feel redeemed after taking so many photos. And it also seems like a portfolio. But what makes me happy best of all is my Tumblr page. It utterly speaks my style and pulls together what words can't describe. 

Enjoy my random thoughts and links! Cheers to this beautiful new week! I hope yours is wonderful. 
Tuney Potter   


  1. Those images are stunning and I also adore Kinfolk:) Happy day, sunshine. xo

  2. Hello dear! Hope you have been well! As always, fabulous photography! :)

    I love that hat too! Stay well dahling!

    Toodles for now,
    Tammy <3