Tuesday, January 31, 2012

// a snippet //

New weeks are something I treasure. They bring new inspiration and thoughts and ideas and creativity. I'll write more soon but for now I just wanted to share a snippet from my day. Today I discovered new music. My brilliant cousin Ian is away at college therefore when I go to visit Rilla I steal CD's from his shelves that he's left at home. Because you know they say a main factor to staying creative is to listen to new music. I grabbed a stack of CD's last month and have listened to them at intervals. But today I grabbed The Rip Tide. And now I am in love. His voice is music to my ears. East Harlem is perfection. 

Tuney Potter

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  1. I am so obsessed with beirut right now it's not even funny! Elephant gun is one of my favorite songs, but it's on gulag orkestar. I've been playing his songs so often lately in my yoga classes that i think my students might be getting annoyed :)