Thursday, November 10, 2011

November notions....

The last of the warm colours and Autumnal sights are rushing by in a flurry. Days are shorter, the moon and stars linger longer, and the trees are bare silhouettes. I sit by the fireside and paint and read for hours on end.  Sometimes I simply think and suffer from wanderlust...and dream...and sometimes talk with my mum about our ideals.

The holidays are coming up and with December's exciting arrival comes that excitement of sparkles and shimmers and glamour and my house being best dressed in its adornment of Christmas decorations. 
It snowed for the first time tonight and I was utterly caught off guard. It was pure magic and I am completely looking forward to Winter and Christmas. How perfect they are. 
Tomorrow night I'll be watching Deathly Hallows Part 1 and Part 2 right in a row with my dear Rilla and we will eat every-flavour beans and chocolate frogs. 11.11.11. It will be magical and surreal. Now that it's coming out on DVD it is officially and forever over....though it shall always have a special place in my heart. Harry Potter will always make me feel all warm inside. I will always love it more than I can say. 
Happy weekend, darlings! 
Tuney Potter


  1. love these colours the 3rd image reminds me of out Autumn in the welsh mountains two years ago x

  2. just beautiful images inspirations! xoxo

  3. hello, thanks for stopping by and of course, following you sweets! x

  4. Nice post :)

  5. gorgeous blog! love these snaps xx

  6. November is definitely my favorite month!!! Beautiful post and pictures my dear! Have a very wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! Give my best to your lovely family!

    Tammy <3