Sunday, October 2, 2011

Autumn has seized the countryside...

These windy days and cold evenings walking among the Harvest stars in pyjamas with thick coats on top, painting by the much anticipated cosy fire while listening to Sufjan Stevens, the leaves looking so vibrant and beautiful and pumpkin-coloured as I romp through the countryside in Weasley sweaters, and a mug of hot cocoa in my hands as I stay up till the early morning hours with brilliant friends, including my dear Rilla
Autumn is truly magical and enchanting and I always forgot how much I adore it. 
Hope your days are golden and sunny with warm fires in the evening. ♥♥♥
What have you been doing in celebration of Autumn?

Forever yours, 
Tuney Potter 

P.S.-Give this beautiful song Wood by Rostam Batmanglij a listen. It is wonderful for this season!